LearnWords 4.8.1

Learn foreign words in an entertaining way


  • Exercise memory and foreign vocabulary
  • Listen to the correct pronunciation of a word


  • Very basic interface
  • No advanced game or sentence construction


On the trend that sees a constant increase in the brain fitness software market, LearnWords is meant to practice you memory skills by learning a new language such as Spanish, Italian, French or Japanese.

Don't expect anything futuristic though, LearnWords is just a simple matching words game in a non invasive window that you can leave on while you are working, ready to be used for a 5min break when you feel like it. A handy feature is that you can run it also on most mobile phones, so that you can train on the way back home too.

It's funny to play with and despite the very basic interface, it's not boring at all, as the different type of matching games are mixed while you play. In this way you will have the possibility to test your memory in different ways without getting lazy. When a word is displayed, just click on the right translation between the options available. Every now and then the program will ask you to translate a specific word and after you have done it correctly, you can choose not to be trained on that one again so that you can move on to new words. You can also click the speaker button to hear the correct pronunciation of it. It's a pity though that there are no exercises with entire sentences, as one would learn and remember more if words were placed in a context.

LearnWords is a very simple game with which you can improve your memory skills and improve foreign vocabulary at the same time.

LearnWords is a training program to accelerate learning foreign words and various facts. For each word of dictionary it is necessary to execute a sequence of six exercises ("Card", "Mosaic", "Select translation", "Guess translation", "Select word", "Writing"). Exercises change automatically as you reach a certain level of points. Points are added for the correct answer and are lost for the wrong answer.

The sequence of exercises is carried out from simple to difficult, each exercise assign the associative connection (stable associations "word & translation", "translation & word", spelling and other).

It supports over 22 languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabian, Hebrew, Greek, Finnish, Russian, Czech, Bulgarian, Latvian, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Hungarian, Polish, Norwegian, Swedish and others.

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